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Our Story

During my first pregnancy in 2012, my husband and I took a "baby-moon" to Palm Springs for a little golfing. Excited for the opportunity to pick up some cute new maternity golf clothes, I quickly realized they didn't exist. Don't believe me? These were the results from my Google search for "pregnant golfer":

So I made do with a belly-band over a pair of oversized Nike golf shorts, and a cheaply constructed maternity cotton polo shirt that pilled the first time I washed it......

The outfit made me feel frumpy, not to mention completely out of place on the nice golf courses we played. Also, I had to adjust my clothes after every golf shot. Feeling frustrated, I told my husband that someone should create a maternity golf line. But once baby #1 arrived, the idea was put on the back burner. 

In 2014 I was pregnant with baby #2 and once again finding myself with no viable maternity golf clothes. With the support of the generous Kickstarter community, I engaged a design team and got to work. Each step of the way, I consulted expectant mom golfers and had my pregnant friends try on sample clothing, improving the fit and design many times to get it just right. 

After requests from numerous customers, I added a tennis dress that launched in time for spring 2019. It took over a year to make the garment perfect. 

This journey has been challenging and, at times, exhausting. I have two small children and a demanding career outside the home. I also like to play golf and tennis (of course!). Ultimately my desire to make a difference and the responsibility I felt towards my unwavering Kickstarter supporters kept me motivated. 

In 2020, to help further grow the company, I asked my younger sister, Kristin, a mom of 2 (soon to be 3) to join me to help grow Playing 9. Kristin is also an avid golfer, tennis player, and savvy business woman with a MBA from the Ross School of Business. She started as one of Playing9's first models and is now an owner in the company.  

We are thrilled with our products and hope you will be, too. The high quality performance fabric is designed to hold up wear after wear, wash after wash.  Best wishes for lots of "sporting" in your new Playing9 gear.

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Anna & Kristin