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About Us

Our Mission

To help moms feel confident, and stylish, while continuing to play golf, tennis, and pickleball throughout pregnancy. 

History of Playing9

Welcome to our Playing9 family!

Playing9 was launched by Anna Sabiston in 2016. One of Anna’s sisters, Kristin Horvath, took over Playing9 in 2020. Ownership transferred to Monica Kubow, yet another sister, in 2024. 

During Anna's first pregnancy in 2012, she took "baby-moon" to Palm Springs for a little golfing. Excited for the opportunity to pick up some cute new maternity golf clothes, she quickly realized they didn't exist! She cobbled together an outfit with a belly band over oversized golf shorts and a cheap cotton maternity polo. Feeling frumpy and frustrated, and adjusting her clothing after every shot, Anna developed the idea to create Playing9.  However, with baby #1 having arrived and a busy professional career, the idea was put on the back burner.

In 2014 Anna was pregnant with baby #2 and once again found no viable maternity golf clothes. With the support of the generous Kickstarter community, Anna engaged a design team and got to work. Each step of the way, she consulted expectant mom golfers and had pregnant friends try on sample clothing, improving the fit and design many times to get it just right. In December 2016, the first pieces were ready and Playing9 launched.

After requests from numerous customers, Playing9 added a tennis dress that launched in time for spring 2019. In 2020, to help further grow the company, Anna asked her younger sister, Kristin (a mom of two at the time, and now mom of 3), to help grow Playing9. Kristin is also an avid golfer and tennis player having played both sports until about 35 weeks pregnant. She started as one of Playing9's first models and became the second owner of the company.  

Kristin continued to run and grow Playing9. She launched a sleeveless polo in summer 2021 to provide a shirt with even more breathability for warm weather sports. With three young kids, and a busy professional career, Kristin decided it was time to pass the torch, and Monica took over Playing9 in 2024. Monica is also a mother of 3, who plays golf, tennis and pickleball. She is excited to learn and further grow the business.

We are thrilled with our products and hope you will be, too! The high quality performance fabric is designed to hold up wear after wear, wash after wash. Pregnancy is an amazing, but potentially challenging time for many expectant moms as your body grows with baby.  We believe that staying active helps make pregnancy more fun, and can improve your recovery postpartum. We plan to expand our line in the future to include more sports that do not currently have functional, stylish maternity clothing available. 

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Best wishes for your pregnancy and lots of "sporting" in your new Playing9 gear.


The Playing9 Family ~ Anna, Kristin, and Monica