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Founding Members

Playing 9 was made possible in June 2015 through the generous support of the Kickstarter community. I consider these friends, family members and other supporters "Founding Members" of Playing 9. I will forever appreciate them for believing in me.
Eagle Level Founding Members
Julie Q Brauer
Erica & Charles Hamilton
Jen Kotila
Alicia & John Popehn
Jarod & Terra Posthumus
Anne Yatch
Corporate Sponsor
Foley & Mansfield
Birdie Level Founding Members
Brooke Anthony
Samantha Deeb
Nikki Dypwick
Michael & Mary Haag
Matthew Haag
Kristin & Brett Horvath
Allison & Kris Krueger
Gregory Land
Katie Morrell
Art & Bonnie Sabiston
Sherry Tai
Jessie Quinn
Par Level Founding Members
Melanie, John & Reese Dawson
Lindsay Hill
Laura K. Jacobson
Alex and Toby McKenna
Sarah Polovitz
Josh Williams
18-Hole League Members
Miguel Garcia
Lyndsay Geyen