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4 Tips for Playing Golf and Tennis Postpartum

Golfing and tennis are not only fantastic ways to stay in shape during pregnancy, they can be excellent sports to enjoy postpartum. We've got 4 tips to help you with your transition back to your sports post birth.

  1. Take it slow  Your core will not be in the same shape that it was pre-birth, so start with shorter swings like chips or net volleys.  Be sure to stretch after your warm-up to avoid strained muscles.
  2. Make it social  Being a new mom can feel very isolating and also like you have very limited (if any!) time for yourself.  Make the most of a quick workout by bringing a friend to catch up with.
  3. Don't be afraid to bring baby  In my experience, bringing baby to the driving range or tennis court has been a great experience.  Be prepped to leave the house right after a feeding and have a stroller to help rock baby to sleep.
  4. Wear your Playing9 apparel  Our clothes are designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and postpartum to make sure you feel comfortable and stylish playing your sport!

The attached picture is me golfing at 9 weeks postpartum after our third was born.  I had a great opportunity to do a work trip that involved playing at the Miami Beach Golf Club.  I wanted to look stylish and feel comfortable in the hot weather, but my pre-pregnancy clothes were not fitting yet.  I was so glad to have my Playing9 sleeveless polo and Julie print skort to wear for the event.