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Maternity Golf Polos - from Zoom  Meetings to First Tee

I have a confession.  With the influx of Zoom meetings that I've had during the COVID pandemic, I have really embraced having a professional top with comfortable pants.  This was especially true as I moved into my second trimester.  I was a big fan of wearing my Playing9 maternity polos as they looked professional while still being comfortable for a full day of meetings.  On lucky days, I was able to log out a little early and get a quick 9 holes in with my husband before we picked up our 2 kids from daycare.  Time is of the essence so it was fantastic to quickly change into my Maternity Golf Skorts before hitting the road to the course.  My husband never seemed to have to change because he has adopted golf clothes as his standard work wardrobe.  Pro tip - golf pants do not have to be ironed, and neither do Playing9 maternity golf clothes!