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Can I Take My Kids to the Driving Range?

This week my 3.5 year old, Jackson, was home from daycare and I needed some activities to keep us busy.  I'm currently on maternity leave with my 7 week old son so had to work on limited time intervals between feedings.  What better than trying out the driving range with Jackson?! He just got new clubs for Easter and was eager to try them out.  It was a blast!  I was able to wear my Playing9 skort so that I felt stylish on the course, even though I can't fit into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe yet. 

A few tips:

  • Before getting to the range talk about the importance of staying on your mat while other people are swinging and not chasing after your ball once you hit it. 
  • If your goal is to build interest in the sport, give minimal instruction unless your child asks specific questions.  Let them enjoy themselves!
  • Bring a stroller if you have multiple kids with you.  It helps keep everyone contained and also allows you to have water bottles for breaks.
I hope you find ways to fit activities that you love into your life post baby!