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Maternity Tennis Dress Now Available in Pink

We are very excited to grow our product line to include a pink tennis dress!  These dresses are designed to give you confidence while playing tennis well into your pregnancy.  They also can be worn casually when you are looking for a stylish and very comfortable outfit.  Our dresses are now available in pink, white and grey.

I was very active playing tennis when I became pregnant with our second child.  I had a standing Saturday drill with my girlfriends that I loved and didn't want to give up.  I was so glad to have a maternity tennis dress to feel comfortable on the court as I progressed and my baby bump grew.  I was able to keep playing until I was 35 weeks, and I think the regular activity really helped with my labor and delivery (it was substantially better than my first labor!).  We always encourage expectant moms to consult with their doctor, but if you get the go-ahead for regular exercise, tennis is a great option.  Reach out to let us know about your favorite maternity activities - and if you have any issues finding clothes that you love!