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Golf and Tennis - The Perfect Pandemic Sports

With life turned upside down in 2020, we feel very fortunate to be in a position to help expecting moms stay active. Many of our usual venues for exercise are substantially restricted and may not safe for expectant moms. Demand has shifted towards outdoor activities, such as golf and tennis, that can be enjoyed with social distancing.  

Just like other companies that offer products for outdoor activities, we've had to work to keep our products in stock as demand increased significantly relative to prior seasons. Our local supply chain has allowed us to sew extra product, but they've had to squeeze us into their schedule as during the early part of the season they were busy sewing masks.

We hope that one positive outcome from COVID-19 will be increased numbers of people continuing to enjoy golf and tennis outdoors even when this is in the rear-view mirror. Stay safe - and thanks for your support during this crazy time!

~ Anna & Kristin (and Scarlett)