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5 Reasons Why Golfing is a Perfect Date When You're Pregnant

My husband & I have always enjoyed golfing together (we even went golfing on our first date!), but I have to say that I really had fun golfing together during my 3 pregnancies.  Here are 5 reasons why golfing is a perfect date when you're pregnant:

1. Quality uninterrupted time - I was so tired at night that I often fell asleep on the couch after dinner. Getting out on the course together gave us 2+ hours to connect without phones, distractions, or me sleeping!

2. Great way to stay active together! So many pregnancy workouts are not designed for couples. Golf is perfect for a date or even a double date with another couple. An added perk - as you get further along have your partner drive a cart so you can walk as much or little as you desire.  

3. Save on your greens fees! Many courses have Couple's Nights deals that you can take advantage of.  Use the savings towards an appetizer after the round!

4. Enjoy the weather, or play on a simulator - I had pregnancies over the summer and winter so enjoyed that golf dates could be on a course or at a simulator. We have a few virtual golf options including Topgolf, a golf dome with Toptracer, and more traditional simulators.  In MN where we are based, courses are definitely closed in the winter!

5. Low pressure golf atmosphere - Your body is changing every week so you have a great excuse for a poor shot!  We change it up sometimes and do a scramble to make the night more fun.

One bonus one: Tell the starter that you got a screaming good deal: Two greens fees for the price of 1 when you point to your belly!