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Playing9 Maternity Featured on the TODAY Show!

Yesterday was a surreal experience.  We had the opportunity to share the Playing9 story and mission on the TODAY show in a conversation with anchor Dylan Dreyer.  Dylan wore Playing9 apparel golfing in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship while 6 months pregnant with her third child (read our blog post).  Inspired by the brand mission, she invited sisters and Kristin Horvath & Anna Sabiston to share the story on air.  The interview segment featuring Playing9 aired Wednesday September 15, 2021 during the 3rd Hour of TODAY.  Watch the 4 minute story on the TODAY website.

Company History
Founder, Anna Sabiston, launched the company after discovering that maternity golf clothing did not exist when she was expecting her 2 children.  She had to make due wearing larger sized golf shorts, a belly band and an oversized polo while golfing during her pregnancies.  “I didn’t feel good in what I was wearing and had to adjust my clothing after each shot which made it hard to focus on my game,” says Sabiston. To help other mom golfers stay confident on the course she launched Playing9 with a maternity golf polo and skort in 2016 and the sisters have since added a maternity tennis dress and sleeveless golf shirt to the line.  Sabiston’s sister, Horvath, modeled for Playing9 during her first 2 pregnancies and joined the company formally in 2020 when pregnant with her 3rd child.

Playing9 clothing is a local company with a global reach.  The clothing is designed and manufactured in Minneapolis, MN and has shipped to expectant moms across the world.  Horvath &  Sabiston believe in the importance of physical activity during pregnancy and are driven to help expectant moms feel confident staying active throughout their pregnancies.  Horvath says “Pregnancy was not easy for me, but putting on clothing that was comfortable and stylish and then playing golf or tennis helped me feel better mentally and physically.”